Corporation introduce

         CONTRACT  GREAT WALL BRAND Vinegar in Chinese is Tianjin Zhecu vinegar. It came into being in the early Qian Long years (1740’s) of Qing Dynasty. It is made from choice Northern China Kao Liang (Chinese sorghum) and millet following traditional directions. It is popular for its fine quality, mildness, pleasant taste and rich nutrition, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, HongKong & Macau Districts and European & American countries. It is a kind of favourable seasoning for restaurants, institutions and families
          GREAT WALL BRAND Lump Sugar is specially processed through traditional technology, which is good for preparing edible bird’s nest, tea, ice-cold water & various flavouring etc, easy to consume, beneficial to the health. It mainly exported to Southeast Asia, HongKOng & Macau Districts, the Middle East countries and European & American countries.